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International company has been established in the field of registration and issuance ISO certification since 2002.


Our expertise is in Consulting, engineering qualification, inspection & Certification to protect people, the environment& property against risks, particularly risks associated with the manufacture & use of products & processes & the installation &operation of equipment & facilities fully aware of its social responsibility. Our customized services include the fields of industrial services, in particular elevator testing, pressure equipment, medical and electrical engineering, plant safety, monitoring, certification, IT security,management consulting, insurance services as well as training & further education.

Successful relationships are founded on trust. Having a reliable partner to turn to for informed in sights makes for confident decisions. In a competitive business environment,these informed opinions are an essential asset. 

Did you know?

World is one of Germany's best-known brands, as surveys have shown time and again. Three letters that have become synonymous with safety and certainty,reliability and impartiality. World organizations ensure these principles are applied not only in Germany, but around the world. Brands make life easier because they ensure recognition, or, in simple terms, we know immediately who we are dealing with and which services and goals are involved in the company in question.